Make, bake, cupcake – Bored bakers rejoice

19 Mar


I recently bought this cookbook and I’m super excited to try out all of the recipes because they all sound delicious. So far I’ve tried two of the recipes which I’ll post soon.


There’s 5 sections in this book with great categories which gives a great variety to choose from.


Cupcakes and alcohol? Sure, why not? I’m most excited to try the root beer cupcakes, raspberry daquiri and caramel appletini. I’ve already tried the pink lemonade cupcakes.


Shown in this picture: Pink lemonade, Cosmopolitan, White Russian, Vanilla Chai and Mudslide.


Seen in this photo: Appletini, Margarita, Raspberry Daquiri and Strawberry Mimosa.


Out of this chapter I already made the maple & bacon because being Canadian you can’t resist maple AND bacon. I’m excited to make the chocolate chip cupcakes because it consists of cupcakes and cookies so who wouldn’t want to eat that? I also really want to try the baklava cupcakes and gingerbread.


Shown in this picture: Maple & Bacon, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Pink Lemon Meringue, Chilli Chocolate and Coffee & Donut.


This chapter is fun and frosted…. probably some of the cutest cupcakes. I most want to try the hamburger cupcakes, ice cream sundae and popcorn (gotta love taking cupcakes and making it look like something completely different than cupcakes)


Shown in this picture: Cactus, Ice Cream Sundae, Hamburger, Dabbling Duck and Cupcake Shooters.


Seen in this photo: Belly Up Bear, Popcorn, Flamingo and Little Lion Cupcakes.


Halloween themed cupcakes perfect for any Halloween party no matter what age.  I pretty much want to make every single recipe from this chapter because they’re all so cool. Halloween needs to come faster so I can make them!


Seen in this picture: Marshmallow Monster, Rotten Apple, Brain,  Pumpkin and Zombie Cupcakes.


Seen in this picture: Squished witch, Neon Spiderweb, Toadstool, and Ghost cupcakes.


Last but not least we have hidden surprises. If you knew me you would know that I have this unhealthy obsession with s’mores so it’s pretty obvious which ones I’m most excited to make out of these! Besides s’mores I’m also excited to make the heart in a cupcake, rainbow cupcakes, and funfetti.


Seen in this picture: heart in a cupcake. Super cute and perfect to give to your significant other!


Seen in this post: Rainbow, Baked in Cookie, Funfetti and Egg Cupcakes.

So many recipes to get through, let’s get baking! If you see a recipe on here you’d like me to make and review leave a comment 🙂

Author of Make, Bake, Cupcake –  Robin Donovan


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