Make Bake Cupcake: Pink Lemonade and Maple & Bacon

21 Mar

The other day I posted about the cupcake book “Make, Bake, Cupcake” and today I’m going to post the first two cupcakes that I’ve tried which are pink lemonade and maple & bacon.


The first ones I tried were the Pink Lemonade cupcakes because pink lemonade reminds me of summer and with there still being so much snow outside I needed a little reminder that summer isn’t so far away.


These cupcakes we’re probably the strangest cupcakes I’ve ever made just because of how thick the batter was… it looks more like cookie dough than cupcake batter. This recipe doesn’t call for very much liquid at all, actually the only liquid in this whole recipe is the juice from ONE lemon and that juice doesn’t even go in the batter but it’s used to make a simple syrup to brush over the baked cupcake. I was a little sceptical of these so I test baked one to see how it turned out. Once out of the oven I tried a bite of it and the initial taste is of eggs although they were pretty moist. I decided to add a little bit of lemon juice and raspberry syrup (which I used to color the cupcakes pink rather than using food coloring)

lemonadeeThese cupcakes didn’t really rise like cupcakes normally do but instead formed into a dome shape. I found that adding the extra ingredients (lemon juice, raspberry syrup) caused them to be less moist than my tester cupcake but the egg taste wasnt so overpowering.


Once the cupcakes come out of the oven and cool slightly you poke them with toothpicks then brush a lemon simple syrup on top to give them that lemonade taste. This is just a mixture of sugar and lemon juice that you heat on the stove until all the sugar has dissolved, it’s as simple as that!


The recipe for the icing calls for butter, icing sugar, food coloring, cream, lemon zest and lemon juice (I also added some of the raspberry syrup that I put in the batter). It says to combine all the ingredients at once which I did but instantly regretted as soon as I saw that the cream curdled. If I were to make this icing again I would probably mix all the ingredients and leave out either the cream or lemon juice until everything else has been combined to try and avoid the curdling, although the icing still tasted good the presentation didn’t look so good because of the curdling.


In the end these became raspberry lemonade cupcakes instead of just ‘pink’ lemonade. Would I make these again? I don’t think I would use this recipe but I would definitely like to find a better recipe for lemonade cupcakes because I really love the idea and I think they would be perfect to bring to a summer get together.


The second recipe I tried were Maple & Bacon. These were fun to make because I absolutely LOVE candied bacon and the thought of combining candied bacon into cupcakes made me excited.


Before starting the recipe you need to prepare your candied bacon, all you need is brown sugar, and bacon! You can place the bacon on a baking tray with parchment paper and coat both sides with brown sugar then bake at 350 f until crispy. I placed my bacon on a rack so that the fat would drip onto the tray underneath but that became a problem once it cooled and stuck a bit to the rack so your best bet is probably to use the parchment paper.  Once it’s cooled you can cut it into pieces whichever size you want so you can toss it in your batter.

*a little side note: my favorite way to make candied bacon is to add a little bit of chilli flakes to give it a bit of heat.


This recipe calls for milk and maple syrup so unlike the Pink Lemonade batter the consistency of these were much more liquidy.


*step 1*

The frosting used for these cupcakes is a meringue so what you need is eggs, sugar, cream of tartar (used as a stabilizer) and whatever flavoring you’re using.. in this case maple syrup and maple extract. I didn’t have any maple extract so I just used more maple syrup. Making meringue is pretty simple all you need to do is fill a pot with water and bring it to a simmer then take a bowl that fits nicely into the pot and add your ingredients and begin to whisk until the sugar has dissolved. Be sure that your bowl isn’t touching the simmering water because it can cook your eggs.


*step 2*

once your sugar has fully dissolved you remove it from the heat and whisk it until it gets to stiff peaks (meaning that when you take out the whisk the mixture should stand upright without falling over) in the book it says to whisk for 4-5 minutes so I began whisking by hand.. that amount of time is ridiculous, my arm began cramping so I got out the electric mixer and continued mixing for about 15 minutes. I never actually reached stiff peaks but I became fed up of standing there with the handheld mixer (Please God, send me a kitchen aid)


Because I didn’t let the frosting get to stiff peaks it was a little bit droopy but after frosting them I put them in the fridge and that let the frosting set so it turned out fine. I decorated the cupcakes the same as they did in the book. I thought just placing the bacon strip into the frosting would be fine but it wasn’t firm enough to hold it up so in the end I cut a slit into the cupcake so that it would hold up. When I make these again I will probably just top it with candied bacon bits instead in order to save some time and work.


These cupcakes tasted like Sunday breakfast in one bite. You get the consistency of a pancake and the flavor of bacon and maple syrup. I will definitely try these cupcakes again!


messy, messy, messy.




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